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The Q500 Typhoon Quadcopter is a top seller on Amazon. Many people refer to is as a  and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) drone, multirotor. What the Q500 Typhoon actually is, a full flying camera drone complete with HD video, perfect for advanced fliers and a ground video capturing system.  There are alot of advances in this quadcopter like the "follow me" mode, "GPS flight navigation" and "Home Mode" The sleek design on this large drone allows it to fly a long time with it's camera payload. Sporting a long slender body the airframe has two T shaped arms which support the struts. The long airframe allows this drone balance as the batteries are in the back and offset the front mounted camera. This camera drone is for sale on Amazon for around $1100 which is a great price to get started with a highly competent camera drone. It competes mostly closely to the DJI Phantom 3 in capabilities but at a lower price.

Q500 Typhoon Design

The Q500 Typhoon has an advanced design. As we discussed above, the long airframe gives this drone advantages with manuverability, and balance while filming. The camera is positioned so not to capture the rotors in images. This is an advantage over the DJI Phantom 3.

The power source is a large 5000mAh battery. The Q500 ships with an extra battery. These batteries are a great design and utilize built in contacts on one end. They plug directly into the airframe and ilimenate wires for connection like many other drones use.  The fit is snug. These batteries allow for 25 minute flight times which is outstanding. 

This model comes with 12MP  1080p HD camera. The camera is attached through the CG02 gimble system standard and offers very stable footage. A micro USB card is used to hold pictures and video taken by the Q500 Typhoon camera and has a slot in the back of the camera.

The rotor blades of the Q500 Typhoon are made of the same durable plastic. They measure a whooping 13 inches in diameter and are connected to the motor shaft by a screw on technology. This screw on prop is a nice feature as it is extremely easy to swap out a damaged rotorblade and makes for a quick fix. We feel this is a forward thinking design on Yuneec's part.

The frame of the Q500 Typhoon incorporates LED light pods under each motor. The Q500 uses a complicated LED light system for system indications to the pilot. The LED will flash in different colors for different codes at different times during the drones flight. Depending on the color (red, green, yellow, blue, orange, white and purple) and how the lights pulse will tell you what is happening with the drone. Many people report this as confusing at first but actually makes flying easier in the long run.

The manufacturer Yuneec provides excellent tech support and several manuals with the Q500 Typhoon.

Q500 Typhoon ST 10 "Smart Controller"

The Q500 Typhoon comes with a 2.4 GHz radio controller with 10 channels and a 5.8  GHz video downlink transmitter, it looks like a regular RC radio controller. But Yuneec bills it as a Smart Controller, largely due to the Android tablet integrated in the the handset. The radio controller is the only form of flight control for the quadcopter, it can not be controlled through WiFi nor through a phone app. The touch screen tablet controls the camera and video controls for the drone. It is great for use as you don't have to juggle a second device to control picture and video as you do using the DJI Phantom 3.Q500 Typhoon Radio Control

This is very nice controller, it has many features built in to make flying the Q500 Typhoon Drone fun and comfortable. The low battery function will alert when the battery is low by vibrating the controller in your hand. The big red button on the top left of the controller is to take still pictures, or start/stop video recording. The controller is not too heavy or bulky and will fit in the hand easily with comfort. 

The various modes are controlled with the controller. The "Follow Me" mode utilizes a built in GPS signal in the controller. There is also a turtle/rabbit control button to select the flying style of the the Q500 Thyphoon. 


Q500 Typhoon

Q500 Typhoon

Flight Time




      Remote Control







            • - Camera - 12 MP 1080pHD
            • - Construction - Very Nice Design
            • - Flight - Many Features to make it fun and easy
            • - Features - Follow Me & Modes
            • - Warranty AND Support


            • - Battery - Takes a long time to charge

            Flying the Q500 Typhoon

            Yuneec touts the Q500 as ready to fly out of the box and reports are this holds true. There is very little prep work to get this drone set up for flight. The Q500 Typhoon has 3 different flight modes and all three utilize the GPS. Angle mode, Smart mode and Home mode.

            Angle Mode - allow you to fly the drone relative to the nose of the quadcopter. Using the right stick on the controller, push the lever right to turn right. Push the lever left and the drone moves left. This mode is great for beginning pilots and easier to fly.

            Smart Mode - Is the second flight mode, It allows you to fly the drone relative to the pilots position. More advanced pilots will like this mode of control. An added feature in smart mode prevents the drone from flying within 10 feet of the pilot ensuring you will not hit yourself as you learn to pilot the drone. 

            Home Mode -  With this mode the drone will return to home where the drone took off from. If you lose site of your quadcopter, turn on home mode and the drone will find its way back to the place it took off and then initiate it's soft land feature for touchdown.

            The Q500 Typhoon offers a Follow Me feature where you can set the altitude and angle of the camera. The drone then follows the controller or other compatible device like a smartphone. The Q500 Typhoon does not come with obstacle detection so you must use caution in the follow me mode as the drone will fly the straightest path between it and the pilot. 

            There are reports that flying the Q500 with the GPS turned off allows the drone to drift a lot. However this is a large drone and is very stable in flight when the GPS is utilized. With the big battery in the Q500 Typhoon expect flight times of 20 to 25 minutes. 

            Taking Photos and Videos with the Q500 Typhoon

            The camera on the Q500 Typhoon  is a 12 megapixel, 1080p Full HD sitting in a 3 axis gimbal, and is a high quality camera. It has a video field view of  130 degrees. The camera is positioned in a forward down angle under the airframe. The video capture rate can be changed and allow 48/50 and 60 frames per second with auto color correction. All this stationed in a very stable gimbal system offers great video opportunities. 

            The Q500 Typhoon Steady Grip System

            Q500 Typhoon Hand Held Gyro


            An added component to the Q500 Typhoon is the steady grip system for ground video. This allows the user to attach the 3 axis gimbal to a handheld device. You plug the camera into a smartphone and you now have a steady action camera to record video on the ground while moving. Report state it is very stable and a great way to capture action on the ground. A thumbwheel on the top of the device allows the user to adjust the camera pitch easily. 


            Q500 Typhoon Battery Life

            First be aware that the quadcopter takes about 2 hours to fully recharge using the included charger. This will give you about 25 minutes of flight time with the drone. That is above average for Q500 Thphoon Batterydrones like the Q500 Typhoon utilizing the 2000mAh type batteries. Yuneec provides an extra battery with the purchase of  There are addition products to recharge the battery via USB or car connection. Spare batteries are available for around $100 each so you could buy extra to increase your flight times. 

            Q500 Typhoon Repairs

            This quadcopter comes with a spare set of propellers and you can buy additional props for less than $20 for a set of four. The manufacturer includes a screwdriver with the drone which allows you to swap out any damaged rotors. Yuneec has a great support department and you can get replacement parts from the manufacturer and distributors.


            The Q500 Typhoon is everything it is advertised to be. An out of the box flyer with wide capabilities in flying and video. The Q500 is easy enough to fly so that a new pilot will get the benefits from the advanced features. Seasoned pilots will love the advanced features while using this drone. This is an all around great product and the features to price balance makes it a top pick. 



            Technical Specifications

            Flight Timeup to 25 minutes
            Weight with Battery and Payload60.0 oz (1700g)
            Weight without Battery and Payload40.0 oz (1130g)
            Battery5400mAh 3S 11.1V LiPo (included)
            Charger3S 11.1V LiPo DC Balancing Smart Charger with AC Adapter (included)
            Transmitter10-channel 2.4GHz with 5.8GHz video downlink (included)
            3 Flight ModesSmart (Follow Me and Watch Me), Angle and Home
            Maximum Flying HeightDefault 122m (400ft) above Ground Level (Adjustable via the Typhoon GUI)
            Maximum Rotation Rate65°/s
            Maximum Roll Angle35°
            Operating Temperature Range−5°C to 80°C
            Radio Control Frequency Band2.4GHz
            Max. Descent Speed2m/s
            Max. Flight Speed17mph / 27 kph (Angle Mode), 22mph / 35 kph (Follow Me/Watch Me)
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            Kevin McRae
            I enjoyed the Phantom but the it was't stable and most ...
            By Kevin McRae on March 11, 2015
            Verified Purchase
            Shortly after buying the DJI Phantom 2 Vision I discovered the Q500 Typhoon. I enjoyed the Phantom but the it was't stable and most of the video wasn't that good. Return it and bought the Q500 and couldn't be happier. The gimbal on this drone is fantastic and provides great stability for videos.
            Great Great product! Easy to fly! Great company!
            By Kyle on March 5, 2015
            I wanted a Drone that I would be able to upgrade in the future with a 4k camera. and easy to fly with a screen to view what I was filming. And handle well in the wind. I Found it! On top of that yuneec is a great company! Crashed it and broke a camera wire wrote them and they responded quickly and called me and gave me great advice and didn't rush me off the phone
            Tom Montavon
            on November 22, 2015
            Verified Purchase
            Exceeded my every expectation! Yuncee Q500+ is a premier drone. It makes a novice pilot an expert with in a few minutes! With nearly a one mile video range and ability to get an aftermarket upgraded to 2 miles is unbelievable. And whip the return home button you don't have to worry about getting it out of your line of sight, just flip the switch and here it comes! After the showing it to a few friends I know if we Stu that have already ordered it.

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