South Carolina highway department early adopter in using drones

South Carolina highway department early adopter in using drones
But transportation officials in South Carolina may have a better, less-risky option in their hands: drones. They envision a future where unmanned aircraft equipped with cameras buzz around bridges, allowing smaller crews to work more quickly and safely.
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Chinese UAV Developer FLYPRO Showcases New Intelligent Sports Drone at Hobby
SHENZHEN, China, May 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Hobby Expo China 2016, the largest and the most influential professional model exhibition across the Asia Pacific region, was recently held at the Beijing Exhibition Centre. Hobbyist drones took center stage …
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This new drone battery stores more energy than a Tesla
South Korean battery maker Kokam on Tuesday announced a battery for military, commercial and industrial drones, which has an energy density of 265 watt-hours per kilogram. The typical drone battery has an energy density between 150 and 200 Wh/kg.
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drone fishing
Previously man was limited in his ability to fish the waters of this world by the power of his arm or his ability to procure the services of a boat. Now, as long as man is willing to risk a thousand dollar drone set-up, he can descend upon unsuspecting …
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