Review: ProDrone quadcopter is one big Byrd

The world’s smallest quadcopter now captures video The world’s smallest quadcopter just received a landmark upgrade. We’re excited to introduce you to the SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera, letting you capture and share exhilarating footage of your aerial acrobatics! At 27 percent off from TNW Deals, your … Read more on The Next Web   Review: […]

Syma x5c

Syma X5C Review

Syma X5C Review   Our Syma X5C Review will explain why it is a top seller on Amazon. Many people refer to is as a multirotor, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), or drone. The Syma X5C is a entry level product and fits into the toy category of quadcopters.  Syma carries a very good name in the toy drone market and has stepped […]

parrot bebop drone

Parrot Bebop Drone

Parrot Bebop Drone   The Parrot Bebop Drone is a top seller on Amazon, which is not surprising as Parrot was a pioneer in the consumer drone market. Many people refer to it as a drone, multirotor, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) or quadcopter. The Parrot Bebop is a middle of the line product that is great for beginning pilots.  […]

Hubsan X4

Hubsan x4 FPV Review

Hubsan x4   The Hubsan x4 Quadcopter is a top seller on Amazon. Many people refer to is as a drone, multirotor and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). The Hubsan x4 is a entry level product that is great for beginning pilots that want to explore FPV (first person view) flight.  It is rather simplistic in its design but the […]

q500 typhoon

Q500 Typhoon Review

Q500 Typhoon Quadcopter   The Q500 Typhoon Quadcopter is a top seller on Amazon. Many people refer to is as a  and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) drone, multirotor. What the Q500 Typhoon actually is, a full flying camera drone complete with HD video, perfect for advanced fliers and a ground video capturing system.  There are alot of advances in […]