UDI U818A Quadcopter Review

UDI U818A Quadcopter

UDI 818A Quadcopter


The UDI U818A Quadcopter is a top seller on Amazon. Many people refer to is as a drone, multirotor and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). The UDI U818A is a middle of the line product that is great for beginning pilots.  It is rather simplistic in its design but the controls still offer plenty of fun for new pilots to cut their teeth on this quadcopter. This camera drone is for sale on Amazon for around $55 which is a great entry price to get started flying for either an adult or adolescent. It competes mostly closely to the Syma X5C in capabilities and Price.

UDI U818A Design

The UDI U818A has a very basic design. You receive the frame of light plastic to hold the rotors and encases the electronics in a center chamber.

The power source is a small 500mAh battery which is designed to slip in a compartment under the main frame. The fit is snug. This model comes with a small 2 MP camera that also attaches under the battery compartment, utilizing power connectors into the frame to draw power for its use. A micro USB card is used to hold pictures and video taken by the UDI U818A camera and has a slot in one side of the fuselage for access.

The rotor blades of the UDI U818A are made of the same lightweight plastic as the frame. They measure 5.25 inches in diameter and are connected to the motor shaft with a tiny screw. The manufacturer provides a small screw driver and a second set of propellers for future replacement. The screw connection is a benefit to this small quadcopter. Most low end drone manufacturers secure their props using a pressed on prop. These pressed props rely on friction to secure the prop to the motor shaft and can become loose over time. Kudos to UDI for taking this extra step in their manufacturing process.

The frame of the UDI U818A incorporates LED light strips. There are blue LED’s under the front, red LED’s under the aft and white LED’s under the center and on the front housing facing forward.

A small poorly written manual ships with the product.

UDI U818A Controller

The UDI U818A comes with a 2.4 GHz radio controller. The radio controller is the only form of flight control for the quadcopter, it can not be controlled through WiFi nor through a phone app. The radio controller is powered by four double A batteries.

This is not a high end controller, it does however have enough features to make flying the UDI Drone fun and comfortable. Weighing in at about ten ounces the controller is not too heavy or bulky and will fit in the and easily with comfort. The range on the 2.4 GHz controller is about 30 yards away.

The controller has many switches and buttons layed out on it and will allow the pilot to control the following:

  • LED lights - turn on and off
  • Stunt Mode - turn on and off
  • Photo Mode - take picture
  • Video Mode - turn video recording on and off
  • Flip - flip drone upside down
  • Flight Mode - change the flight mode

The controller also incorporates an LCD display which feeds information to the pilot. That information includes battery usage, applied thrust, and signal strength.

UDI U818A Quadcopter

UDI U818A Quadcopter

Flight Time




      Remote Control







            • - Camera - It Has One
            • - Construction - Decent for Price
            • - Flight - Enough Features to make is fun and easy
            • - Warranty -


            • - Battery - On the Small Side
            • - Camera - Low Quality
            • - Manual - Hard to Read
            • - Flight - No Auto Land or Return Home function

            Flying the UDI U818A

            The UDI U818A offers a lot of fun while flying. It combines both small and larger drone capabilities. It is very maneuverable like smaller quadcopters. But like larger multirotors it is stable in flight. Check out the Parrot Bebop or Blade Nano to see what the smaller comparable drones can do.

            You have two flight modes with the UDI U818A. The first mode, used largely by beginner pilots, limits the turn and climb speed of the drone. The second mode opens everything up making it quicker when turning and climbing. While in the second mode this mulitrotor can complete a number of stunts. It will do a backflip and can be flown inverted. While this drone has the neat stunt functions, it does not have return home or auto landing features built in.


            Taking Photos and Videos with the UDI U818A

            The camera on the U818A is a small, low quality camera. The unit is small enough to be light (about 2.0 ounces) but the picture quality suffers. The camera is positioned in a forward down angle.

            The camera captures still images at 1280 X 960 pixels. At this rate the camera loses some detail, most especially if the drone is moving at the time the picture is taken. This camera does not have stability built into the camera and may blur images due to vibrations or the drone shaking from wind.

            If you are thinking about video the camera captures video at 640 by 480 pixels with a frame rate of 30 frames per second. This will not win any video contest as it is like a cheap cell phone camera.

            Over all this is a cheap add on for a basic drone, but is great for beginners or kids to play with. If you are looking for better video and picture quality in drone look at the Parrot Bebop or the DJI Phantom 3.

            UDI U818A Battery Life

            First be aware that the quadcopter takes about 2 hours to fully recharge using the included charger. This will give you about 8 minutes of flight time with the drone. That is about average for small inexpensive drones like the U818A utilizing the 500mAh type batteries. There is no way to recharge the battery via USB or car connection. Spare batteries are fairly cheap at around $10 each so you could buy extra to increase your flight times. There is no warning for when the battery is about to lose power and this drone will simply drop out of flight when the battery dies.

            UDI U818A Repairs

            This quadcopter comes with a spare set of propellers and you can buy additional props for less than $5. The manufacturer includes a screwdriver with the drone which allows you to swap out any damaged rotors. There are not any other replacement parts available for the U818A however.


            The UDI U818A is a great quadcopter for beginning or adolescent pilots. With it’s low price (around $50 on Amazon) it is a great introduction drone. It is fun and easy to fly with its dual controls and offers thrills with the stunt modes. Having a camera is good to introduce newcomers to drone video and pictures. Overall due to the price and capabilities we understand why it is a top seller on Amazon.



            Technical Specs

                • Product Dimensions: 13 x 2.2 x 13.3 inches ; 4.2 ounces
                • Shipping Weight: 2.4 pounds 
                • Domestic Shipping: Item can be shipped within U.S.
                • International Shipping: This item is not eligible for international shipping. 
                • Shipping Advisory: This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Additional shipping charges will not apply.
                • ASIN: B00D3IN11Q
                • Item model number: U818A
                • Manufacturer recommended age: 14 years and up
                • Batteries Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
                • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #6 in Toys & Games
                • Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service 

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            Additional Information

            • 6 AXIS GYRO with posture control - Integrated design guarantee the precise positioning of the aircraft.
            • 4 CHANNEL function provide stable flying and easy operation.
            • High capacity battery and strong power motors enable the helicopter to fly much longer and more efficiently.
            • Charging time is about 120 minutes while flight duration is about 7-9 minutes.
            • Modular design makes it easy to install and repair. Remote distance is up to 30m.
            Assembly Time : 10 minutes
            Batteries are included
            Model NumberU818A
            Number of Puzzle Pieces :1
            Assembly Required : No
            Batteries Required : Yes
            Batteries Included : Yes
            tech_spec_battery_description : 3.7V 500mAh battery for UDI U818A RC Quadcopter
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            on May 6, 2014
            Format: ToyVerified Purchase
            This Quad is really very nice for the money. I paid $65 for the UDI 818A with camera included. I removed the safety canopy and replaced it with one I made from a plastic cup. This allowed the quad to be more agile due to less surface area contacting with the wind. I suggest the Turnigy 600mah batteries. These take about 45min to charge and give about 9min of flight time. Also, due to their discharge rate, they provide allot more response from a lower throttle position. The auto-stabilization is pretty extreme which make this great for someone learning to fly as well as a stable platform for taking pictures. The camera itself is nothing to write home about but it works as advertised. One thing to note is that this quad is virtually indistructable! Crash after crash, it continues to perform reliably. Out of the 9 quads I currently own, which range in price from $40 to $175, the UDI818A has proven itself to be the best overall value for my money.
            Great Starter QuadCopter
            on July 1, 2014
            Format: ToyVerified Purchase
            My first foray into multi-rotor flight. I picked this up as a starter set based on advice from a local users group that learning to fly is best done before investing in a copter that does all the work for you by relying on gps and altitude locks. You will need to actively fly the UDI U818A. It's stable in flight, but easily pushed around by the lightest breeze. It doesn't hold a specific location or altitude on its own. It worked right out of the box as soon as I had charged the flight battery. Be warned that there is plenty of power to send this flying quickly out of your control range, which will then cause it to loose synch and flutter lightly back to the ground (or tree top). The only damage mine has incurred is the occasional displacement of a prop shaft that needs to be pressed back into place to fully mesh the offset gearing.
            Perfect quadcopter at a great price!
            on January 13, 2015
            Format: ToyVerified Purchase
            My son got this for Christmas. He loves it! We downloaded the pictures and videos onto my computer and they're very clear. I highly recommend!

            UDI 818A Quadcopter

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